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Navios Acquisition sells four VLCCs

Navios Maritime Acquisition Corporation has sold four Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC) to Navios Midstream for USD 379.4 million, which will go towards reducing the company’s bank debt and fleet replenishment, the Monaco-based tanker operator said. Navios Acquisition contributed and/or sold to Navios Midstream all
of the outstanding shares of capital stock of four of its VLCC-owning subsidiaries in exchange for USD 214.9 million of cash consideration; 9,342,692 subordinated units and 1,242,692 common units; and 381,334 general partner units, representing a 2.0% general partner interest in Navios Midstream, including all of its incentive distribution rights.

The estimated value of all the units was based on the initial public offering price of USD 15. In total, Navios Acquisition owns an economic interest of 57.5% in Navios Midstream. In connection with the offering, Navios Acquisition used USD 132.3 million of cash to repay bank debt. The company also used cash to buy two VLCCs, Nave Synergy and Nave Pyxis.

On November 20, 2014, Navios Acquisition took delivery of the Nave Pyxis, a newbuilding 49,998 dwt MR2 product tanker, from an unaffiliated third party, for a purchase price of approximately USD 31.5 million. The Nave Synergy, a 2010-built 299,973 dwt VLCC, was bought for USD 75.5 million, and is expected to be delivered in December 2014.

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