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New on-site manager for PTV Middle East in Dubai

Take on another new challenge at 60 years old? For Thomas Schwerdtfeger, board member at PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG, the proposition sounded interesting and he is embarking on a new stage in
his career: He has agreed with the Supervisory Board to leave after 15 years on the board of PTV AG. Instead, he is taking over at PTV Middle East in Dubai with immediate effect. Schwerdtfeger will be in charge as on-site manager of the branch and responsible for keeping up with the rising demand for innovative solutions for transport and traffic in the booming market region.

 The PTV Group plans and optimises everything that moves people and goods worldwide. With its 600 employees and branches on five continents, it delivers software and consultation services to the four corners of the earth. The company has been running its own office in the Middle East region since 2005. Now PTV's presence in this attractive market is set to grow once again.

 The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), the authority in charge of traffic and transport in Dubai, is one of the most important customers of the PTV Group in the Middle East. Over ten years ago, Schwerdtfeger managed to win them as its first customer.

They use the transport planning software PTV Visum, which has been designed to model transport networks and demand, analyse expected traffic flows, plan public transport services and develop sustainable transport strategies and solutions for the entire region.

There are other customers in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. And yet, there is still great potential. "To meet the growing demand, we have planned to set up further sales points in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia", says Schwerdtfeger, explaining the objectives.

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