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Ports of Venice and Chioggia: suspended canons

March 31, 2020 - The Port System Authority has issued a circular addressed to all the concessionary companies of the ports of Venice and Chioggia in order to communicate the possibility of suspending the payment of state fees until September 30, as required by 'art. 92 co. 2 of Legislative Decree 18/2020. The AdSP MAS President Pino Musolino declares in this regard:
 “In this period of emergency, public administrators are called to make an extra effort to alleviate the difficulties of workers and companies and to support the production system as a whole. The measure represents one of the first actions put into practice to grant support to businesses, which in recent weeks have to face the additional costs of personnel safety measures and a drop in traffic and orders, and, consequently, to safeguard jobs ". 
  "Despite the difficulties, ¬– adds President Musolino - the Venetian ports have, until now, never stopped operating guaranteeing the supply of products and raw materials for our economy and for the needs of the national health effort. I thank all the over 1,200 companies based in Venice and Chioggia and the over 21,000 workers who gravitate around our airports for the professionalism and the spirit of sacrifice they demonstrate daily. We will need all our resources when, at the end of the lockdown, we will have to help put the Italian industrial system back on its feet and then run it "

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