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Klaveness Digital and Maersk Tankers enter digital partnership

August 27, 2018 - Klaveness Digital and Maersk Tankers have joined forces to drive the development of intelligent digital solutions. The partnership will give Maersk Tankers access to Klaveness Digital’s digital platform, enabling the company to store and manage large volumes of commercial and operational data.

This will bring digital solutions faster to the market and bring cost benefits to both parties. Klaveness Digital has developed a cloud-based digital platform for storing, processing and exporting commercial and operational shipping data to tailored applications and users.

The platform will allow Maersk Tankers to store data from multiple sources in one central location, making it easier to share data and collaborate with partners in developing new digital solutions.
“We have one of the product tanker industry’s largest data sets on vessel voyages at our disposal,” 
says Peter Schroder, Chief Digital Officer at Maersk Tankers.
“By partnering with Klaveness, we get to collaborate with a like-minded, digitally focused company. Using its platform will allow us to bring our digital solutions to the market faster. It also has the potential to give both companies cost benefits as the future development of the platform can be shared.” 
Klaveness Digital has spent the past three and half years developing the platform to serve as a foundation for data-driven decision-making, digital solutions and services. The platform is based on Microsoft Azure, one of the world’s most secure and reliable cloud infrastructures.
 “We truly believe that this strategic partnership with Maersk Tankers will accelerate the development of intelligent digital solutions for the shipping industry.
Transparency and collaboration are key to the future of our industry, and this partnership demonstrates our shared vision that we are stronger together when working towards a common goal,” 
says Aleksander Stensby, Managing Director of Klaveness Digital. Following a pilot prior to the summer, Maersk Tankers will now begin uploading data to the platform, while the partners continue the dialogue on the co-development of the platform going forward.

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