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Geodis experiments connected glasses

October 22, 2017 - GEODIS is implementing augmented reality solutions for its logistics operations in its warehouse in Cologne. The implemented solution, based on the Picavi’s “Pick-By-Vision” technology, aims at easing order preparation processes for the warehouse’s employees. Equipped with data glasses, employees receive visual information into their visual field. This solution thus provides employees with all the information they need for order picking or loading. GEODIS has initially equipped twelve employees with this system. The data glasses use visual displays to guide the order pickers through the current picking order.

 They inform the pickers in advance of the loading unit (pallet or carton) which need to be taken along, refer to the units to be picked as well as the item level and the storage location. If required, images of the products can be imported into the field of view. At the end of the picking run, the data glasses guide employees to the correct storage location in the outbound area and the picking order is automatically completed in the warehouse management system (WMS).

 The use of data glasses gives employees more freedom to move compared to the use of handheld scanners while providing more detailed information on the type and appearance of the units to be picked. This increases the productivity and eliminates potential sources of error. The data glasses can be used for taking pictures of the loaded pallets after the order has been completed, which ensures a complete loading documentation. Thanks to the precise and strict process, the team achieves high picking performance, better quality and complete documentation. A simple and very flexible parameterizing process- linked to the WMS - enables the solution to easily adapt any changes in the warehouse’s organization.

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