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11th Symposium on High Speed Marine Vehicles

October 23, 2017 - The 11th HMSV Symposium will be held in Naples (25th – 26th October 2017). As in previous years, the Symposium will provide an opportunity to present and discuss developments in the design, construction and operation of high speed marine vessels. The market has now recognized that each type of high speed marine vessel has its own optimum maximum speed, and that fast sea transportation must consider many other factors than speed, such as cargo capacity, economy of operation, passenger comfort and safety, environmental friendliness.

Vessels such as large ferries, mega yachts and sailing boats may never achieve speeds of, say, 40 knots, but an increase in speed, together with consideration of other factors, may provide significant added value, although such increase of speed must not conflict with the requirement for passenger comfort. Papers are invited on all aspect of the development, design, construction and operation of high speed vessels, particularly those relating to this wider interpretation of ‘high speed vessels’. Subsequent to the conference, selected papers may be considered for publication in the International Journal of Small Craft Technology. Authors of such papers will be given the opportunity to update their papers before publication in the Journal.

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