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The port of Venice at Break Bulk Europe 2017

26 April 2017 - Once again, the Port of Venice plays a leading role at the Break Bulk Europe international fair of Antwerp, an exhibition than bring together the most important players in the break-bulk field. "In the 2017 edition of this fair, Venice is proud to announce a steady sector growth, recording a 15% increase in last months project cargo handling. These so sensational results can be compared with the evocative handling of the columns of Saint Mark and Saint Todaro and the massive Horses of St. Mark, also known as the Triumphal Quadriga, of the Basilica of Saint Mark, which arrived via galeras back in 1200", said the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority President, Pino Musolino, participating the Fair. A reference to the past that can be also found in the logo, graphics and materials with which the System Authority is present at the fair. The extraordinary Antwerp occasion was chosen for the official announcement of two new maritime services departing from the port of Venice from May 2017. The first marks the opening of a new traffic segment: motor vehicles. The service is announced by Peter Menzel, Commercial Director at NEPTUNE LINES, a leading logistics company specialized in automotive cargo, whose core business is the Mediterranean and Black Sea area, serving over 20 markets and 30 key ports in this area. The second new service, "is an old story" or rather an "ancient story", as from May 2017, the Ocean Alliance's Med-Far East service will restart (after the service was stopped last winter because of a structural drop in demand), de facto confirming Venice importance in the XXI° century Maritime Silk Road context.

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