Fincantieri and Ferretti announce a cooperation agreement

February 21, 2017 - Fincantieri and Ferretti Group announced that they have reached a cooperation agreement with the goal of developing commercial and industrial synergies between the two Italian companies, world leaders in their respective markets. The partnership was announced during the IDEX-NAVDEX in Abu Dhabi, one of the most important global exhibitions dedicated to the defence and security sector. The agreement relates to the security and defence sector and to the recreational yachting industry. In both areas, the two companies have complementary capabilities and expertise that can lead to significant synergies. Fincantieri, the world’s largest shipbuilding group and number one by innovation and diversification, and Ferretti Group, one of the most globally recognized yachting companies, share a particularly interconnected market view, especially after the foundation of FSD, Ferretti Group’s division dedicated to security and defence. This is one of the factors that allowed the creation of the partnership between the two groups, strengthening its success. The top management of the two companies are committed to put the cooperation into work on specific themes and business opportunities as soon as possible. These projects will cover civil and military sectors at both national and international level.

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