Marina d’Arechi invests in the ship repairing and maintenance

November 29, 2016 - The Marina d’Arechi leisure port, in the gulf of Salerno (very close to Capri island and Sorrento Peninsula), has just confirmed order for a 60 tons carrying capacity boat-cart that is expected to strengthen its ship repairing and maintenance capacity. The new system will be supplied by the Italian company Boat of Diano d'Alba and will work in close line with the 220 tons travel lift already operating within the maintenance area of the Marina. 15 meters long, the new cart to be delivered in February next, will be able to move and transport (also outside the port area) up to 24 metres long boats: this new car is projectd to turn sharply to 90 degrees and to march laterally. Provided with an hydraulic system in order to adapt itself to the dimension of the boats, the new giant car will be able to move both motor sailers and sailing boats. Marina d’Arechi port is qualifying itself for the highest quality services, and it is due to invest strongly both in the mooring system and in the maintenance area, with the strategic view of offering a wide range of tailor made services and constant assistance to its customers.

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