London to Host 15th Vessel Efficiency & Fuel Management Summit

August 20, 2016 - ACI’s 15th Vessel Efficiency & Fuel Management Summit will be taking place 25th & 26th January 2017 in London. Over the two days, the event will give you and in-depth look into main challenges faced by the shipping industry connecting to stay compliant, efficient and looking into the technology and alternative options driving the marketplace to reduce overall costs.

This will be delivered through a series of interactive sessions & panel discussions led by industry experts. The conference will bring together various key industry stake-holders including Ship-owners, Ship-mangers & associated solution providers, fuel solutions, IT & data associations, consultants & technology providers. It will also analyse how to increase overall efficiency & performance by minimising fleet’s energy demands. Key Topics for 2017 Include: Compliance with Key Regulations Affecting Marine Fuel & Overall Vessel Efficiency; Effects of the MRV regulation Updates & Being Prepared; Sustainable Shipping, Operational Factors & the Impact of Energy Efficiency; Technology Selection Criteria - Assessing Return on Investment and Effectiveness; Optimising & Monitoring Fuel Management Consumption; Enhancing the Fleets' Fuel Efficiency; Big Data: Do We Really Know How to Use it Effectively?; Steps in Achieving Fleet Wide Energy Reductions; Could Crew be the Best First Step in Complete Vessel Efficiency & Fuel Management?

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