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Better ocean governance is a common top priority

Wang Hong, Administrator of the State Oceanic Administration of the People’s Republic of China, and Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries met and held the High Level Dialogue on an integrated approach to Ocean Affairs in Beijing on 13 October 2015. Both emphasised that better ocean governance is one of their top priorities. Commissioner Vella presented the reformed EU Common Fisheries Policy and its policy objectives. The same standards and principles for responsible management, he pointed out, are pursued by the EU on the global scale and in particular through the Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs).

Mr Wang and Mr Vella agreed that their services would develop an action plan for the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding on an integrated approach to ocean affairs that was concluded between the European Commission and the People's Republic of China in 2010. This Plan of Action would constitute a step forward in developing a partnership between the EU and China in ocean affairs.

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