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Monaco Yacht Show - Finding the Balance

SuperyachtNews.com spoke to Svend Heier, CEO and partner of Stable, a Norwegian company which specialise in reducing the pitching and rolling motions of on-board surfaces. These surfaces can be used as beds, furniture or even snooker tables.
 "We developed our technology 13 years ago," Heier recalls. "But we didn't have the correct network." Over the last two years Stable changed tack and focused heavily on marketing and sales.
"Last year we went to METs and Monaco for the first time and the response has been very positive," continues Heier. "We stabilise pitch and roll movements, not heave, using two electrical actuators, an independent actuator for each motion," Heier explains. 
The technology does not reduce 100 per cent of the motion but it does cut it by up to 95 per cent. Originally, the idea to adapt the system from pool tables to beds originated from a sickly owner who decided to lie on a pool table using the Stable system to escape his woes - he felt himself again after lying down for 15 minutes.

 In order to meet the high aesthetic demands of the superyacht industry all woodwork and framing is outsourced to superyacht interior design specialists. The Stable technology is now being incorporated into designs at the conceptual stage, making the system far more attractive. The most popular version of the technology so far is the pool table.

But the Stable bed may yet succeed. While it might seem odd that someone prone to seasickness would own a yacht, for guests unaccustomed to pitching and rolling the Stable bed could provide some much needed respite.

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