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ADS, a breakthrough in airport visual guidance

ADS, a dynamic LED visual guidance sign, which ADB Group is debuting at inter airport Europe 2015 in Munich, brings the much-needed dimension of ‘real-time’ guidance to the airfield. The innovative, one-of-its-kind product supports variable messaging, and allows airports to communicate even ‘last-minute’ updates to guidance data on the airside.

This helps pilots make better decisions about ground traffic movement, enabling unprecedented efficiency in traffic management, airside flexibility and safety. Airports can also use ADS to enhance overall passenger experience with anything from a simple “welcome” display to useful information that promote various facilities. Current LED guidance signs with information or mandatory messages such as the name of run- or taxiway, directions or no entry zone, have been the only available choice for airports till date.
 “The ADS offers a paradigm shift in how airport visual guidance signs have worked until now. By moving from static to dynamic signage which gives pilots live updates on traffic flow, we’re reducing airfield operational complexity, increasing traffic flow and capacity,” said Christian Onselaere, CEO, ADB Group. “More than 70% of the respondents in our ‘future of aviation’ survey were keen on greater flexibility in ground traffic interaction. We believe ADS addresses this unanswered need, and is definitely ahead of the curve.” 
 The ADS reflects ADB’s continuous commitment to innovation, and adds to ADB’s ever-growing portfolio of LED AGL and signage. With LED, energy consumption, a key consideration for airports, is kept at highly efficient levels. The product’s use of standardized communication interfaces allows airports to reuse existing communications infrastructure. The ADS’ durable design offers good protection against environmental extremities.

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