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Adriatic Sea Tourism Report 2015

Adriatic Sea Tourism Report is the research study realised by Risposte Turismo to analyse flows, dimensions, nature and directions of maritime tourism movements in the Adriatic area (cruise, ferry,
sail & yacht). The aim is to let all professionals involved in maritime tourism (ports and marinas, passenger terminals, charter operators, tourism companies) as well as other stakeholders count on a yearly up to date working tool. ASTR includes useful information for all those governing, operating or having their – present or future - activity or interest in cruise, ferry, sail and yacht in Adriatic Sea. The report is mainly composed by the examination of the movement of tourists by sea, recording flows, dimensions and directions through tables, graphs and maps.

A double ad-hoc survey addressed to marinas and charter companies completes the report pointing out information related to demand and offer of nautical tourism in Adriatic with a transnational perspective, an element that characterises the Adriatic Sea Tourism Report series. Adriatic Sea Tourism Report 2015 will be presented in Dubrovnik on the occasion of Adriatic Sea Forum on April 23rd and 24th, offering a complete and updated shot on all the different forms of maritime tourism in the Adriatic area.

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