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Developments in Arctic Shipping Operations & Infrastructure

ACI announced a new speaker on 6th Arctic Shipping Summit taking place on the 18th - 19th March 2015 in Montreal: Peter Sandell Senior Lecturer On Maritime & Commercial Law, Faculty of Technology & Maritime Management - Satakunta University Of Applied Sciences.

Other Confirmed Speakers Include: Richard Corley, Head of Arctic Department, Department of Transport - Kathrin Keil, Europe Director, The Arctic Institute - Johanna Ikävalko - Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Transport And Communications - Frank Boman, Director Operations, Aerospace & Marine International Corp. - Halldor Johannsson, General Manager, Arctic Portal - Gary Timco - Principal Researcher, National Research Council of Canada - Michael Baldauf, Associate Professor, World Maritime University - Peter R. Skold, Head of International Arctic Centre, Umeå University - Jack Gallaher - National Treasurer - Maritimes Division Of The Company Of Master Mariners - Peter Cullen, Partner, Stikeman Elliott.
Key topics this year include:
  • What Have Canada’s Main Achievements Been During Their Chairmanship of the Arctic Council.
  • As the New Chair of the Arctic Council What are the Objectives of the USA?
  • Placing the Arctic in a Global Context
  • Is the Arctic the Future of Global LNG Shipping?
  • How Effective Has the Arctic Search and Rescue Agreement Been so far?
  • Improving Satellite Coverage in the Northern Sea Route Area
  • Future ship designs for the Arctic: What new ideas are being developed?
  • Commercial issues for ship operators and charterers using Arctic routesg Arctic routes


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