Wärtsilä to Look After Harvey Gulf’s Newbuilds

Harvey Gulf’s offshore Construction Vessels
Wärtsilä has signed a long-term Technical Management Agreement with Harvey Gulf International Marine LLC. This five-year agreement covers Condition Based Maintenance and Dynamic Maintenance Planning
for eight new offshore supply and multi-purpose support vessels – six liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuelled platform supply vessels and two offshore construction vessels powered by diesel fuel. Condition Based Maintenance system enables feeding engine parameters into Wärtsilä’s database, after which they are evaluated by specialists at the Condition Based Monitoring center.

 As described by Wärtsilä, this enables early detection of performance issues, reduced downtime as well as optimized engine performance and fuel consumption. Knowing the actual condition of the engine allows the implementation of the Dynamic Maintenance Planning concept.

This brings a significant opportunity to reduce operating costs by optimizing the timing of major overhauls and reducing the consumption of spare parts. The agreement also includes Online Remote Operational Support, which enables Wärtsilä’s technical experts to support vessels in real time, without the need for engineers to travel to the vessels. “We are very pleased to expand our partnership with Harvey Gulf. This agreement reaffirms their commitment to the offshore oil and gas business in the Gulf of Mexico by adding safe and environmentally sustainable LNG fuelled vessels to their modern fleet.

 With this extended partnership, we will enable the safe and reliable operation of their offshore supply and multi-purpose support vessels throughout their lifecycle,” said Walter Reggente, Service Director of Wärtsilä North America.

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