UK Chamber of Shipping Members Want Lobbying Intensified

The latest UK Chamber of Shipping’s annual survey has revealed that its members want more lobbying to be done by the Chamber, especially within the Parliament and Government bodies. The survey was designed to
ask members what area of the Chamber’s work they value most, and what could be improved to provide the best possible service.

The survey provided a clear mandate for the UK Chamber to continue deepening its lobbying work, with 100% of members rating working with Parliament and Government as ‘important’, whilst 97% said the same of working with the institutions of the European Union.

There was also strong support for the UK Chamber providing advice, guidance and analysis on regulations and legislation, as well as undertaking ambassadorial work by raising the profile of the shipping industry – with strong endorsement of key messages such as the economic contribution made by the industry. Some 92% of members said they would recommend chamber membership to other similar companies. UK Chamber CEO Guy Platten said:
“All feedback is welcome, in any form, but these results will allow us to shape our strategic plan, and ensure we are doing all we can to meet the needs of our members.”

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