1st Mare Forum Monaco Yachts Summit 2014

World Economy and Global World Wealth Outlook - Trends in Regulatory Regimes – The Role of Flagstates and Portstates – Quality Yachts – Innovations - Eco Yachts – Management – Investments and
Finance On Thursday 25 September the 1st Mare Forum Monaco Yacht Summit 2014 will take place in Monte Carlo during the Monaco Yacht Show 2014 where yacht owners, yacht builders, executives from the yacht, shipping and maritime industries, lawyers, flag and port states representatives, trading and brokerage companies; key investors in yachting, bankers, consultants and entrepreneurs; classification societies, marine equipment manufacturers, financial institutions, regulators, politicians and the media will gather at this prestigious conference where the exchange of views, visions and valuable information will make this forum another imperative and meaningful event. The 1st Mare Forum Monaco Yacht Summit 2014 is co-organised by Mare Forum and Blueship and supported by the Cayman Registry.

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